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Cyberscoer Submission:

This run was submitted via Cyberscore.

What is cyberscore?

Cyberscore is a website where a list of score submissions are displayed for ALL game types other than just star fox. This place is where runners have placed their scores, but we have moved away from.

Why does the video proof say "cyberscore"?

The reason there are cyberscore submissions, is to let you know that the runs are from cyberscore originally, and are NOT an official run from

Why is there no actual proof?

The reason there is no proof for cyberscore submissions, is because the scores submitted are so old, that video recording hardware didn't exist or easy to obtain, to prove that your score was legit. However, the scores do hold some merit.

If cyberscore's submissions are not provable, why are they on hit64?

The community has asked for a way to include cyberscore submissions as well as submissions, but in a way to seperate both. We have added a way to show the OFFICIAL scores, and a way to hide the UNOFFICIAL score. Cyberscore submissions WILL ALWAYS count as UNOFFICIAL scores, unless they are re-submitted on with actual video footage.

Do I have to submit to both cyberscore and

No. The cyberscore's scores that are now on our website was a ONE TIME EXCEPTION, all future scores will be ignored. Also, cyberscore has refused to listen to us about rulesets, as a community, we voted upon to make every run legit. Therefore, what counts on cyberscore, will NOT count here as rules or methods may have been cheated.

If cyberscore has other games, why should I submit here instead of on cyberscore?

Cyberscore does not require verifiable runs like we do. Anyone could submit a run on cyberscore without any proof, and lie about it, and cyberscore will STILL accept the submission. As a community, we want all runs to be verified. We require it, to make sure there is no unfair play while competing.