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About the Hit + 64 Community:

Welcome to the HIT + 64 community for Star Fox 64 score running!


We originally created HIT + 64 to be the home for a small community of Twitch streamers who love Star Fox 64 and enjoyed trying to improve their score and watch others do the same. It has since become our personal goal to try to make Star Fox 64 score running as accessible as possible for anyone who shares my love of this game!

What we have:

  • First off we have our own community leaderboards with links to runs you can watch if you wish to study up on the various strategies people use.
  • Over in tips and tricks we have a collection of tips for strategies and techniques that is easy to overlook when watching someone else play.
  • We also have a score tracker that was programmed, which is basically LiveSplit but for scores. It's a useful tool if you want an idea of what levels need improvement and is also a nice addition to stream layouts!
  • For those of you with a Gameshark we have a list of gameshark codes, a very partial map of Star Fox 64's memory addresses, as well as a VERY brief guide to how to read/write gameshark codes on discord.

How to get started:

  • For those using an emulator, grab any Nintendo 64 Emulator (preferrably project 64) and any version of Star Fox 1.0 as it does not have a score cap of 511. We will NOT supply any emulator links or ROMs as it's considered copyright infringing.
  • For Nintendo 64 users, you will need any nintendo 64, a capture card for streaming or recording purposes, and version 1.0 of Star Fox as well. You can tell what version your game is by the encoding on the back. Anything with 3 digits (numbers or letters, example 03A) is usually 1.1. Anything that has 2 digits, is considered 1.0


While this is a community for score runners we welcome anyone who shares our love of Star Fox regardless of whether or not you have an interest in getting into score running yourself. Thank you for checking out HIT + 64!