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About the Hit + 64 Community:

General Rules


  • Use of Non-Official hardware (emulation)
    For "High Score" submissions, all emulator submissions are accepted. Emulators must run at 100% speed at all times and an unaltered Star Fox 64 ROM file must be used. There are no restrictions to which emulator or ROM version is used.

  • For "Speedrun" submissions (e.g. 2k%), emulators must use the following settings:

    • Required Emulator Settings Project 64 v1.7 or earlier 

    • Star Fox 64 (U) v1.0 ROM 

    • Memory Size 4MB 

    • Counter Factor 2 

    • All other settings default

  • 2. Use of Non-Official controllers
    Non-official Nintendo 64 controllers for submissions are permitted as long as every input is controlled by the player. "Turbo" controllers are prohibited as the player will be unfairly assisted by a feature of the controller. Also, "2-to-1 button macros" (e.g. Pressing one button to press A and B at the same time) are not allowed as the player is once again assisted by a feature of the controller. Having multiple buttons representing a single button (e.g. more than one A button) is permitted as long as the player presses each button individually. This allows players to play on alternate peripherals such as a GameCube controller or a keyboard.

  • 3. All submissions require video proof

    • In order for a run to be verified, video proof is required for every level from start to finish. 

    • For “Total Hits” runs, every level must be shown from start to finish. Final Score after Venom must be shown.

    • For "Individual Level" runs, the segments must, at minimum, show the entire level from start to finish. 

    • Editing runs down to limit video runtime, is allowed. For submissions that have been edited down, a video that includes the RAW footage MUST be available for mods to verify the integrity of the run. 

  • 4. Usage of cheats/gameshark

    For "Individual Level" runs, gameshark codes are permitted for the purpose of quickly accessing any level without having to replay the game to reach that point. This includes using an emulator and loading a "save state" at the beginning of the level.

Permitted Cheats:

Any cheat that alters your bomb count, laser status, or grants unlimited lives is permitted as long as it is possible to obtain said counts at the start of the level.  

Prohibited Cheats:

Cheats that alter your gameplay in any way are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: infinite health, unbreakable wings, etc


  • Corneria (Main Game OR Expert) MUST start with single lasers, 3 bombs, and ALL teammates alive.

  • Sector Y (Expert) must start with no more than 7 bombs

For "Total Hits" and "Single Life" runs, ALL game altering cheats as well as the use of save states are prohibited.

Infinites Definition:

"Infinites" is defined as: a method that a player can use to accrue points for an indefinite amount of time. This includes:

  1.  Grinding points off Wolfen 2 enemies in Venom 2

      • Grinding extra points off of Andross’ Eyes is Permitted

  2. Grinding points off Bolse enemies before the shield is destroyed

  3. Grinding points off the fire plumes during Vulcain (Solar boss)


Runs will be split into the following two categories, No Infinites and Infinites Allowed. Each category will include the ability to submit to any of the 25 possible routes to complete the game. Each route will also be split into Main Game and Expert modes. Every category will be considered mutually exclusive from one another.

No Infinites:

  1. Any of the defined “Infinites” mentioned above are not permitted to be used. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. Any run that gains extra points through the use of “Infinites” submitted to this category will be rejected and must be resubmitted under the appropriate category.

  3. Each run will be categorized into one of the possible 25 routes that can be completed.

  4. Runs will further be categorized into Main Game or Expert modes.

Infinites Allowed:

  1. “Infinites”, as defined above, are allowed to be used.

  2. If you do not use “Infinites” and submit to this category, it will be accepted. Please make sure this is what you want to do before submitting.

  3.  Each run will be categorized into one of the possible 25 routes that can be completed.

  4. Runs will further be categorized into Main Game or Expert modes.


Single life runs must be played from start to finish without dying or retrying. Runs are ONLY valid when the player destroys Robot Andross (Venom 1) or exits the tunnel (Venom 2).

These runs will also be categorized into Infinites Allowed / No Infinites respectively depending on strategies used, route taken, and difficulty setting. Please keep this in mind while submitting your runs.


Corneria - Retries are permitted but ONLY from the beginning. NOT FROM CHECKPOINT. This is defined as pausing and hitting Retry Course. 

Individual Levels (ILs):

ILs will continue to be categorized on a per level basis. The Level must be completed from start to finish. 

ILs will also be categorized into Infinites Allowed / No Infinite categories.

ILs will further be split into Main Game and Expert difficulties.

Please refer to Usage of Cheats/Gamesharks in the General Rules section for what we allow.




  1. Players are to play through the game as fast as possible and gain a minimum of 2000 points. 

  2. Timer Starts on the first frame of control in Corneria and Ends on the last frame of control in either the Andross Fight (Venom 1) or Escape Tunnel (Venom 2).

  3. Players may reset at the beginning of levels to refill their bomb count.

  4. Infinites are allowed to be used.